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the house of horror, crazy

One night, in 1934, a man name Derek lived here and he want to find someone to stay with him, so he abducted 11 year old Sophie vans from her bus stop. she lived there and been raped till she was 19 with 2 kids and then authorities came over for a house search. they had a search warrant, sophie went to her “hiding area” as Derek would call it. he then killed her and the two kids and authorites gave him the death penalty. he died 1936 after waiting two years on death sentence line now the house stays haunted with ghosts. last time man touched foot in that house a name cry’d out SOPHIE and researchers investigated, no one to be found. Police claim this place as unsafe and don’t condone people even being around it

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Avenged Sevenfold, The Revs last song, he finished it 3 days before he overdosed. His “Brompton Cocktail” he called it. He was born with an enlarged heart and was told he wouldn’t live past 28, that day came and he didn’t want to die a slow painful death he wanted to die on his terms, euphorically.

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