Just surfing into the web, and the things i run into

Just surfing into the web, and the things i run into

She thinks she struttin something, shes thinking shes the best thing since sliced bread. shitt this girl need to stop flaunting that saggggy ass body and start working the treadmill lmao!

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Second Song: Carry On (Avenged Sevenfold)

A7x alllll damn day!

The Rock Music Blog

Second Song! Their latest song! Awesome video clip by the way!

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First Song: 4:00 AM (Avenged Sevenfold)

the rock music blog has great taste haaa

The Rock Music Blog

Lets start the day with this awesome song!
Have a nice morning! (or what ever you are having now!)

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Avenged Sevenfold, The Revs last song, he finished it 3 days before he overdosed. His “Brompton Cocktail” he called it. He was born with an enlarged heart and was told he wouldn’t live past 28, that day came and he didn’t want to die a slow painful death he wanted to die on his terms, euphorically.

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the start of my day

well I went to sleep lastnight around nine, woke up at 3am and i’m still up. I just made this blog today :p im getting ready to go pick my sister up from work. its a cold day outside, birds are chirping right now. Im listening to avenged sevenfold. fiction, the rev’s suicide note. Yes its depressing. I’m drinking a dr. pepper to give me some energy to start my day. I am a new blogger, so don’t judge this post as being pointless, just starting my new blog.


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