My opinion on Polyfidelity’s

2abc45784a4dcb05640ed0a7c3ddd96cOkay I didn’t know of this, because that’s just not how I was raised to believe but a Polyfidelity (also sometimes called Polyexclusivity) is a form of polyamory where all members are considered equal partners and agree to be sexually active only with other members of the group. And I found out about this abnormal fidelity on dr phil. as this old man thought he was going to add another woman to his 20 year marriage while having four kids. he had knew this woman for a while and thought it we be cool and the woman agreed but the wife was like “the fuck?” lmao! The image above is the wife not wanting the polyfidelity and the man wanting it. I think It isn’t right and a marriage would never last that way. Its basically adultery cheating but both acknowledging it. A Relationship would never last that way but I thought it was funny. man even stated on dr. phil she looks way better than my wife.

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